Gift vouchers to the great restaurants in Slovakia, Bratislava - great gifts even if you are outside the country

E-shop offers gift vouchers mostly to the great restaurants, in Bratislava but also some in other parts of Slovakia. It is great present for birthdays, anniversaries, various other events such as weddings or just when you want to say thank you or appreciate somebody. It is possible also to pay through card pay, apple pay or paypal so it is easy and quick to do from all over the world. We can send the voucher by e-mail, or you can order also the service of printing, packaging and delivering.

About Us

Are you familiar with this situation? 

You are trying to find the perfect gift. For a friend, family, colleague or your business partner. You want the gift to be original, practical. You are searching for something suitable as a Christmas gift, Birthday gift or a Gift as a thankful gesture. Lots of times you are desperately searching for the right gift at the last minute. 

Our store is ready to help you. Dinner in a stylish restaurant,  accommodation in a nice hotel or a wellness? This can be the perfect gift  - practical, original, experience gift. The best part is, you don’t need to leave your couch to buy it. You can easily order the gift voucher via our online store, pay online, and you will get the voucher in a short while into your e-mail box. You can print it and the gift is ready. If you prefer the voucher to be printed by us and sent to your mail, we can do that also. Voucher will be printed on a photo paper, packed nicely in an envelope and delivered to you by mail or a delivery service. 

Thanks to years of experience in gastronomy segment, we prepared this online store, taking into consideration the quality of the services of each of our partners. So that you do not need to worry whether The presentee will be satisfied with the service received. 

We started we the restaurant gift vouchers, but now, we are adding more, quality services. Gift vouchers for massages, wellness, hotel stays, courses…Even the open gift voucher to pick any of our partners can be a great gift. 

We use

  • There are only verified partners with high quality services and products
  • No stress associated with searching and buying gifts
  • We save your time. You can have the vouchers ready in a short while and you do not have to go anywhere
  • You can choose electronic voucher or a printed one sent by mail or courier
  • You can buy several gifts easily in a few minutes, in one store. 
  • Payments are done online, by card, paypal, apple pay or by bank transfer. 
  • If necessary, you can pay cash for your voucher to courier during delivery - only if you order printed voucher. 
  • You can surprise your loved ones and the voucher can be sent to them directly.
  • You can by your gift at the last moment with us :)

In case you run a restaurant or other establishment in Slovakia and you would like to become our partner, please feel free to contact us.